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The primary focus at Lillenas Publishing Company is to provide worship resources for the local church. Each year we produce numerous collections for keyboard and instrumental solos and ensembles.

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Born the King of Angels
Brad Nix (Arranger)

Child in the Manger
Larry Shackley (Arranger)

Piano Praise for Every Season
Heather Sorenson (Arranger)

Praise Him! Praise Him!
Marilynn Ham (Arranger)

Hymn Medleys for the Church Year
Melody Bober (Arranger)

Composer Image

Alex-Zsolt holds two cum laude degrees in Music Education and Music Composition from Central Michigan University. Pursuing both degrees has enabled him to aid church choirs, orchestras, and praise teams by means of seminars and workshops and offer quality music for different ensembles in ministry. In the past fifteen years, Alex has visited over 1,200 churches. With a focus and desire to honor the Lord, Alex shares hymns, praise & worship songs, as well as his own comp more...