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The primary focus at Lillenas Publishing Company is to provide worship resources for the local church. Each year we produce numerous collections for keyboard and instrumental solos and ensembles.

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I'm Just a Poor Wayfarin' Stranger
Patti Drennan (Arranger)

Festival Cantate
Victor Johnson (Composer)

Beati Omnes
Richard Ewer (Composer)

Praise Hymns
Alex-Zsolt (Arranger)

Good News!
Victor Labenske (Arranger)
Patti Drennan (Arranger)
Lloyd Larson (Arranger)
Joel Raney (Arranger)

Piano Praise for Every Season
Heather Sorenson (Arranger)

And I Can Sing
James Johnson (Author)
J.D. Frizzell (Composer)

High King of Heaven
Patti Drennan (Arranger)

Calico Pie
Julie Bray (Composer)

Praise Him! Praise Him!
Marilynn Ham (Arranger)

Ron Sprunger (Arranger)

Fill the Earth with Songs
Stuart Townend (Composer)
Lloyd Larson (Arranger)
Kristyn Getty (Composer)
Keith Getty (Composer)

Shepherds, Come Quick!
Ruth Gray (Composer)

In the Circle of the Music
Pamela Stewart (Author)
Lloyd Larson (Composer)

I See a Star
Greg Gilpin (Composer)

Hymn Medleys for the Church Year
Melody Bober (Arranger)

Howard Helvey (Composer)

I Got a Key
Tom Fettke (Arranger)
Thomas Grassi (Arranger)

Gaudeamus Hodie!
Mary Lynn Lightfoot (Composer)

Artza Alinu
Russell Robinson (Arranger)

The Maid of Llanwellyn
Charles McCartha (Composer)

Let Alleluias Resound!
Jean Perry (Composer)
David Perry (Composer)

Shule Aroon
Ruth Elaine Schram (Arranger)

Z Randall Stroope (Composer)

The Cross of Christ
Myra Schubert (Arranger)

Wondrous Love!
Marty Parks (Arranger)

Rejoice and Be Merry!
Larry Shackley (Arranger)

Twelve Carols of Christmas
Mark Weston (Composer)

Composer Image
Molly Ijames

Molly Ijames has been a pianist and accompanist since her teenage years. Her accompanying ministry extends to choirs, Christian camps, schools, and church congregations. Her first choral work was published in 2007, and she soon established influence as a writer in many compositional fields. Her work now continues to grow in the Lorenz, SoundForth, Beckenhorst, Hope, Alfred, and Lillenas catalogs. She frequently travels to nationwide conferences and local churches to tea more...